High Temperature Periodic Gas  Furnace

    Furnace body inner lining adopts alumina bubble bricks which has sufficiently high refractoriness under load and thermos stability and meets the material selection requirement of the furnace. Refractory materials selection of furnace wall and the furnace crown is determined according to the boundary layer temperature, outer layer of alumina bubble brick is mullite brick of high temperature and lightweight, and outer part of the mullite brick is high quality refractory fiber thermal insulation layer. The furnace crown structure taking the feature of large furnace inner width and product loading into consideration. On the furnace body structure, considering the disadvantage of inward bulge of high temperature furnace wall, furnace masonry and furnace steel framework adopts special removable anchor connection, which is a patented technology, allowing free expansion of furnace masonry during high temperature, avoiding furnace wall bulge causing by high temperature. It is proved by practice that this kind of structure can effectively extend the service life of furnace body. The furnace body and gate car adopt double zigzag sealing structure with great sealing depth and good effects. The furnace enclosure adopts steel structure of outer cover steel plate with steady structure, reliable sealing, and beautiful appearance.