Intensive Mixers

Mixers are designed and manufactured in accordance to the requirements of the refractory mixes preparation for refractory industry. The machine adopts the latest technology of slanted rotating mixing pan, eccentrically arranged high-speed rotor (with frequency converter) and stationary multi-purpose tool. The frequency converter is the products of Japan’s OMRON Corporation. The electricity control set adopts PLC, that is installed by SIEMENS product. Inside of the mixer there is a set of scraper, that push the material to the center of mixing. The machine has high efficiency. Total sealing prevents the dust spilling. Additionally, man-machine interface technology is adopted to achieve fault diagnosis, parameter settings and animation showing. Man-machine interface and approach switch use imported products. High-speed mixing rotor has shovels covered with welding tungsten carbide (WC). The cylindrical lining of the board is performed from the wear resistant steel plate to substantially improve the wearing resistance. The process of the mixing is automatically controlled to eliminate the impact of the human factors on the quality of the mixing. In the process of mixing, the material moves both horizontally and vertically to eliminate dead corner. The material, that has been mixed has high density, optimum homogeneity and few blowholes. The mixer is suitable for mixing high-quality mixes for refractory materials preparation.

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