Tilting Furnace

Equipment features:

-The furnace lid: The furnace lid is elevated and rotated. The board-type spherical interlayer water cooling furnace cover prolongs

the service life. The furnace lid is equipped with observation holes, feeding holes, dust collection hole and electrode holes;

-The furnace body is a new type of water-cooled and energy-saving construction, structured with single layer bottom head, and

self-contained lining.

-Spatial triangle conductive transverse arm is energy saving and withlow impedance; each phase adopts large section water cooled cable, copper bar compensator. The impedance is ≤ 0.8± 2.35MΩ; the degree of unbalance of three-phase impedance is ≤4.5%.

-The furnace body’s tilting device and the electrode’s releasing device both adopt the hydraulic drive. Hydraulic system adopts

integrated block hydraulic valve. Hydraulic media is 40# anti-wear hydraulic oil.

PLC control and automatic lifting system with frequency converter motor, decelerator and frequency converter are equipped in electrode lifting automatic regulator. Electrode lifting can be operated both automatically and manually, and the electrode move response time is ≤ 0.25S.

Copper-steel current conducting arm is applied, and the electrode hold material is applied with T2,  stainless steel plate-type disc spring and hydraulic loosening, which resulting in enhancement of arm strength, longer service life, lower internal resistance, less loss of resistance heat.

High voltage control system consists high voltage isolation switch, and the zinc oxide arrester, voltage and current is used in the whole high voltage power supply system( provided by the Buyer);

Electric furnace transformer is low-loss and energy-saving, whose 15kV incoming line can overload 20% long term, and the voltage regulation is realized through no-load electric regulation, with oil-water cooling, and also equipped with perfect oil temperature gas protection device.